Columbus, GA
The resurrection of an abandoned 19th century basement exemplifies the overall idea behind 11th and Bay. Everything, from the interior space to the menu, is a rebirth of old elements.
The design team focused on a project of honesty that tells a story of a once bustling industrial space. Existing plank flooring, brick walls, and exposed structure was simply cleaned up or stabilized if needed.  Simple lighting, acoustical control, and furniture compliment the raw nature of the space. Elevation variation of grade and floor prompted a new front entrance that extends the project to the west. Board-formed concrete walls frame the entrance stair and ramp. A planter contains a deciduous tree that will provide early evening shade as one waits outside. In addition to the new entrance, a porch allows patrons an outdoor experience where the loading dock once served the building.
Over the years, the space was used to store many old items. These items were repurposed throughout the project. An existing steel sliding door serves as the backdrop as one enters the restaurant. Old doors, galvanized sheet metal, and conduit were used for the bar that flanks the left side upon entry. A pile of multi-colored boards was used to create toilet room partitions. Wire mesh shapes were used to display art. Another element, a piece of heavy timber was used to create a bench. The bathrooms and kitchen were differentiated from the existing walls via simple painted white drywall partitions. These walls became a backdrop to display images of “the agrarian south” in a creative manner. Much like the cuisine, the space used old elements in a fresh manner that is simple and impactful.
Architecture | Interior Design