Columbus, GA
Adams Family and Cosmetic Dentistry (AFCD) has a long rich history of practice in Columbus, Georgia. The new facility for AFCD marks a transition from one generation to another. Dr. Matt Adams desired an overall design that spoke of not only the past of the practice, but also the future. The same family friendly staff and practice with cutting edge tools for patient service and experience.
The building is oriented to provide north and south natural light into the treatment rooms. A strong entry and simple roof structure are combined to provide an iconic entrance with a very cost effective overall structure. Stone veneer and cementicious panels clad the exterior for an inviting and durable product. The “toothbrush” awning at the entrance is a play on the AFCD logo.
The interior is brings some of the outside materials in to create continuity and provide for a simple, yet sophisticated palette that is calm and lasting. The overall plan is organized with treatment rooms along the north and south exterior with patient and staff service spaces in between for ease of flow.
Architecture | Interior Design