Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines identified this Summer 2015 project in April 2015.  2WR was challenged with a six-week design schedule in order to bid the project prior to summer break.  In addition, a portion of the project was being funded through donations; some that had not been guaranteed.  Based on this, the total project funding was unknown.  In order to deal with funding concerns the team developed a three phase approach providing the School of Mines with flexibility for both schedule and budget.
The project includes remodeling of the Mining Department’s office suite including conference facility, kitchenette, offices, and work room.  The program also includes a new 40-station Computer Lab, graduate Computer Work Room, graduate offices, new Ventilation Lab, and modernization of an existing Wet Lab.  Exterior windows are also being added in the graduate offices and Wet Lab.  The project phasing was developed to accommodate opening of the Computer Lab as stipulated in a donation to the University.  Phasing is also by Alternates to help ensure a Base Bid within the stipulated budget.  The Scope of Work includes complete modernization of finishes, electrical, and mechanical in all areas receiving work.
2WR also selected, specified, and assisted in the procurement of all FF&E.
Architecture | Interior Design