Bainbridge College
2WR took over the existing 33,000 square foot project, developed by another architectural firm, at 60% construction completion. The scope of work involved remediation, programmatic changes, demolition, additions, and remodeling. 2WR’s creative ideas and solutions transformed a once deficient project into a showcase facility for Bainbridge College.
Prior to 2WR’s involvement, the college seriously considered demolishing the building. Deficiencies in existing construction, mostly structural, were of major concern. 2WR successfully developed an alternative concept, reusing many existing materials that saved $1.5M while also exceeding client expectations. Changes to the original plan included a 500-seat facility to replace the 200-seat auditorium, a striking glass canopy at the entrance, and spacious lobby additions. The distinctive architecture creates an atmosphere of modern elegance and serenity not found in most traditional conference banquet facility. Bainbridge College can now offer an impressive local venue for college and community leaders.
Architecture | Interior Design