RAM Hospitality
One of just over forty nationally, the AC Columbus will be true to the AC brand located throughout Europe, North America, and Latin America. The Columbus hotel will embrace a European modernism that embodies simplicity and essence. Essence that brings the rich fabric of Columbus to life in a sophisticated, yet limited palette that is favorable to the global traveler who prefers an environment that is current and tasteful. Located in the heart of vibrant Uptown, the design will set a standard for development for the entire 1200 block of Broadway. The ground floor will be transparent in effort to activate the pedestrian experience and allow for the outside to get a peak of the AC experience. The AC Lounge will be inviting and located along Broadway to add to the allure of AC. The guest rooms (126) will be an extension of essential elements with function at the root of every decision. The top floor will contain penthouse style rooms and a multi-function space that overlooks Broadway. The building will be transformed at night with purposeful lighting that will highlight the exterior and be a beacon for spirit and celebration.
The building will be sited to allow for an outdoor space just to the north and parking on the south and west. The outdoor room will provide another element to experience Uptown in a way that is very urban.
Architecture | Interior Design