Muscogee County School District
Rigdon Road Elementary serves as a replacement school for a much smaller elementary school of the same name located on an adjacent site. 2WR first developed three initial design concepts that were then priced and evaluated, ensuring the final design was completed within the stipulated budget. The school was equipped with the latest educational technology, including smart boards systems, LCD’s, Media Retrieval Systems and student computer stations. The project also features the first new gymnasium in Muscogee County with HVAC.
Designed using an interactive approach, the school’s architecture both inspires and supports education with natural light, color, material, texture, and space. Open areas dominate the two-story educational wing and allow for full height views of the structure. Extensive LEED components were included in the project. In the classrooms, north and south facing exterior walls grant abundant natural light, while playful window sizes and locations provide additional light in the corridor. Lively interior colors and textures offer an additional layer of interest within the building. Each element of the school was carefully designed in effort to inspire the students.
Architecture | Interior Design