More than a hundred years old, the old Coca-Cola building in Columbus was largely unchanged, and vacant, when a local developer decided to renovate it for the new headquarters of the Salt Life brand. The existing 3-story heavy-timber brick building with barrel-vaulted warehouse on the back was the right size, but needed all new systems to serve a contemporary office. Focusing on the existing features, and minimally updating in accordance with historic adaptation guidelines, the design added offices on the top floor, renovated existing offices on the second floor, and added new bathrooms, breakrooms, and collaborative production spaces. Exposed brick walls, timber framing, original wood floors, wood paneling and doors remained in place. The original freight lift was modified for a new elevator and narrow attic stairs were replaced for a new fire exit. Boarded-up openings received all new energy-efficient windows which restore the exterior to the original 1900’s look. The replaced atrium skylight, the central feature on all levels, provides natural light, airflow, and connectivity to all floors.
Architecture | Interior Design