2WR developed a phased master plan for St. Peter’s current church site and collaborated with the Church in the development of building programs for all future development on site. Once programs were complete, 2WR began work on the phased master plan. The master plan included the following components: existing sanctuary, future sanctuary, family life center, educational building, child care center, and a youth center. Upon completion of the master plan 2WR worked with St. Peter to develop the Phase I Sanctuary. This structure will later be converted into a fellowship hall that anchors the end of the educational building and will be adjacent to a new large sanctuary that will also address the southeast corner of the site.
2WR utilized a palette of materials common in the area. Red brick, horizontal ribbed metal panel, storefront, and exposed steel clad the exterior of a form that reflects many regional vernacular structures. The building’s narthex is a glass box, at the south corner, that is a beacon at a very busy intersection. The north face of the building is clad in metal panel to allow for expansion.
Architecture | Interior Design