Sage Hospitality
The Oxford Hotel was originally built in 1890 and is a registered national historic landmark. The hotel has gone through several renovations since that time. 2WR & Partners was hired by Sage Hospitality to renovate an existing restaurant and bar into a new five star steakhouse concept called Urban Farmer.
The concept is farm to table organic food. The existing space was originally split into a bar and dining room with an exit hallway. The new design eliminated the hallway and opened up the two spaces into one large open space. Existing decorative panels and ceilings were removed from the clerestory window areas to create more light and a taller space. The kitchens were completely remodeled with state of the art equipment and a new bar and charcuterie area have been designed central to the space. The restaurant restrooms have been remodeled to create a more modern look and the exterior has been updated as well. The Owner has decided to install two large operable windows to the street to open up the restaurant to the city. The project is a great addition to a Denver historic icon.
Architecture | Interior Design