2WR is currently working on 8 Yoga Pods. Yoga Pod is a franchise business with locations in Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and California. Each location is different, but typically includes 2 hot yoga studios, men’s and women’s changing rooms and reception. Custom millwork to display retail items in the reception is designed for every location. Each studio is designed to reach 104 degrees and 60% humidity for hot yoga. Select studios are equipped with ceiling infrared panels to provide radiant heat for yoga practice. The infrared panels fit right into the 2’x2′ ceiling grid. Additionally, some Yoga Pod franchisees have added large water features and elaborate CNC carved wood doors to personalize their space.
Yoga Pod is striving to redefine fitness with transformational yoga that celebrates diversity, promotes friendship, and builds a strong community. Yoga pod offers classes to suit all levels – for beginning students and intermediate to advanced practitioners.
Architecture | Interior Design